Hello there!

As a product designer who skillfully merges design and digital marketing, I bring a unique perspective to the world of digital design.

My forte lies in harnessing the power of data to steer design decisions, coupled with an affinity for crafting experiences that captivate and delight users.

Whether I'm conducing user research, sketching out wireframes, bringing concepts to life through prototyping, or adding that final touch of visual finesse, my objective is to transform business goals into visually stunning designs that not only capture attention but drive user engagement and conversions.

Let's connect and explore the exciting possibilities together! Feel free to reach out—I'm always up for a chat and collaboration. 🚀

Headshot image of Raymond Chou

My favourite design, psychology & personal growth books

When I'm not designing, I enjoy...


At the time of this writing, latin partner dancing is my ABSOLUTE favourite thing to do on planet earth! My favourite partner dances include bachata and zouk.


I took up Spanish a few years ago and got addicted to the language app Duolingo. On my more relaxed days, you’ll often find me at a cafe practicing Spanish with my friends.


Fitness has been an important part of my life since high school. While going to the gym is preferred form of exercise, I also enjoy tennis, hiking, and snowboarding.


Video games was a hobby of mine ever since I was a kid. I always enjoy getting together with friends to play either games online or board games in person.